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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 12, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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nightclub. we just learned that one of those victims has died. a triple shooting turned into murder and into an investigation in the flat iron district. >> the victims were shot on 21st street between 5th and broadway. darla miles is live with more information. >> reporter: good morning shirleen, lori. i just learned from the nypd there was a man inside of a nightclub who was asked to leave the nightclub. when he refused to leave, he said he would go outside and get his gun and start shooting so, that is what we have just learned. we have a 24-year-old woman who was killed. it happened right outside of the motivo nightclub here on east 21st street in the flat iron district. this happened just around 4:00 this morning. we were told there was a big party here last night, a libra bash, an all black that is when a 30-year-old woman was shot in the shoulder,
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a 25-year-old woman was shot in the foot and both of those women are expected to survive. sadly a 24-year-old woman was killed. all seemed to be random victims of this man who was asked to leave the nightclub. i'm not sure what type of disturbance there was inside of the nightclub, but that is what we know so far. lots of detectives on the scene. we are told that lots of forensic evidence being collected inside of the night club, but we know that the suspect at this point left in a hoodie and was driving a black bmw eastbound on east 20th street. those two women, the surviving victims, the 30-year-old and the 25-year-old woman again, taken to bellevue hospital. a 24-year-old woman this morning is dead. reporting live in the flat iron district, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla. thank you. we'll continue to update this story throughout the morning on our facebook page and be sure to download the eyewitness news app for breaking news updates. we now want to get a check on the weather for this
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans. >> good morning everybody. we've got a great morning and your 6:00 temperature is going to be 57 degrees. 6 degrees warmer than normal for this hour of the day. this time of the year we take you up the hudson river valley. 41 monticello. these numbers are cool and crisp. they are warm too, 50 in islip, 57 montauk, 52 bridgeport. a gorgeous day today. perfect parade weather this afternoon. the temperature's going to get to 75 degrees. about noontime it's about 70. 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. we're going to talk about a shower or two, some baseball weather, some fall weather returning, all that in your accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. she is back. >> yes, i am. >> fresh off her vacation. >> the south will never be the same again. >> i'm not going to make a comment. let's go right over here to a webcam and show you how things look as you travel on the l.i.e. this is near exit 23. 138th street. you can see traffic is really
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starting to pack in there. let's go over to our maps. l.i.e. going west right near exit 21, which is 108th street. there is an accident there, just tweeted and i facebook'd that out. subway status at queens plaza, 1 train signal problems at south ferry and the r trains some signal problems at prospect avenue. you can expect some delays. track work on metro north's new haven line, long island railroad, new jersey transit they're doing just fine. no major problems as far as path trains are concerned. ferries are doing great. we have this problem on broad street in fair view. we have news copter 7 up above. shannon sohn what are you seeing this morning? good morning. >> reporter: good morning heather. it looks to me like this is going to be shut down for quite some time. we're looking at a traffic pole that should be in the upright position, but that fell down this morning after a car slammed into it. all that happening at about 3:30 this morning. right now they have the entire length of broad avenue shut down between fair view avenue and 91st street.
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we're just going to bring this picture out to give you an idea where that closure is. this is a closure on the northbound side of it at fair view avenue. you can see people are getting around this, not causing too much of a traffic tieup right now. what you need to know as you travel through this area, authorities telling us this is going to be shut down for the entire commute. reporting live over fair view, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. shannon, thank you. developing right now, police are searching for a killer after a man was shot inside his car in brooklyn. it happened in fort green around 11:00 last night. the 31-year-old victim was found after he crashed his car one block away from brooklyn hospital. his family says he is a hip-hop producer and father of three. no arrests have been made. police are trying to solve a violent killing in queens after a woman's body is found in a popular park. the victim was discovered in
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kissena park yesterday afternoon with multiple stab wounds to her neck and stomach. the woman has not been identified. the road to the world series heads back home to queens today. the mets and dodgers facing off tonight for game 3 of the national league division series. the big question, though, whether the dodgers 2nd baseman chase utley will be allowed to take the field following bone crushing collisions saturday night in l. a. the mlb suspended utley for two games for breaking shortstop ruben tejada's leg. utley's agent plans to appeal. kala rama is following all the fallout from citi field. she's there for us live. kala. >> reporter: it wouldn't be a battle between new york and l. a. if there wasn't some drama. the dodgers and mets are tied for one game apiece and now adding some excitement for this controversy we're at citi field. take a look at what we're
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talking about, all the controversy surrounds l. a.'s chase utley's. utley's slide in the 7th inning after game 2 not only knocked down mets shortstop ruben tejada, it knocked out tejada for the season with a broken right leg. utley is appealing the ban today and is expected to receive a ruling before tonight's game. now for some more drama, matt harvey starts tonight for the mets. he and utley have some history. in april when utley was still with philadelphia, harvey hit him in the back with a pitch after one of the phillys pitchers hit two of the mets. so now we're left to wonder what might happen if utley has the chance to step on the plate tonight. harvey says nothing. >> there's certain situations that go through a game, and, you know, i think that's a completely different situation that occurred and, you know,
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that was all resolved.
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candidate will likely not be on the stage. vice president joe biden is expected to reveal this week, though, whether he will seek the presidency in 2016. sources tell abc news the decision will come after tuesday's debate in las vegas, although cnn has said they will allow hillary clinton to take center stage at the debate flanked on either side by bernie sanders and martin o'malley. as republican presidential candidates head to new hampshire to meet with voters and the pressure's building on congressman paul ryan to run for speaker of the house. he told fox news his group will would favorably on ryan if he runs. so far ryan has said that he doesn't want the job. he also returned home to wisconsin to discuss the decision with his family. it is 6:08. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> let's look outside, shall we
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bridge on the fort lee new jersey side. we've got a beautiful sunrise headed your way. sun is officially up in about 57 minutes from now, 55 minutes from now. we'll be looking at dawn here in the next few minutes and that's going to be very nice. we're looking from our camera here in brooklyn to the lower east side. 57 degrees our temperature. it's nice and comfy for this hour of the day this time of the year. should be about 51 in the five boroughs to 40s and upper 30s north and west. we've got clear skies back to chicago and all the way down south. this low comes up the coast, this front comes to us tomorrow. that could give us a shot at some showers. not a big change. we're looking at 70 by noontime when the parade steps off. 75 this afternoon, a beautiful day on this columbus day. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. my daughter maggie started that in kindergarten. >> yes. >> now she's 22 and i can't get her to sing the columbus day song anymore.
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>> because you drove her crazy. >> quit that. >> let's go right over to a webcam. i want to show you something, you're going to want to stop and think about this one. this is the l.i.e. use go on to the westbound side, bumper-to-bumper volume. we'll head to our maps, the l.i.e. west at 108th street we do have an accident that is still being cleared away. hue kari, brooklyn battery tunnel a stall inbound. leaving brooklyn going into manhattan. subway status, e and f trains, signal problems at queens plaza. r trains signal problems at prospect avenue. metro north track work going through new haven. long island railroad, new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. no major problems there and in fair view we still have broad avenue closed both ways at fair view avenue. accident with a downed pole and wires. street cleaning rules are suspended but the metered rules are in effect. shirleen and lori over to you. >> still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, an international legal dispute for
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6:13, and we are staying on top of breaking news in manhattan. one woman is dead and two others are hurt after shotting rang out outside of a nightclub. this is a live look at the scene two hours after shots rang out in flat iron district. darla miles is on the scene gathering information. we'll have a live update at 6:30. and we've got breaking news in new jersey, a car has overturned on the new jersey turnpike. shannon sohn is live in news copter 7. shannon. >> good morning, shirleen, yeah, bad accident here. this is on the ramp from the southbound western spur. as we bring this shot in, you can see a car completely upside down and off the roadway. took down two poles in the process and did some damage to the guardrail as well. what we are hearing is miraculously only minor injuries here. as you exit the new jersey turnpike on that western spur,
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hopefully they will get this cleared up sooner than later. thank you. new this morning, in a post- game tailgate party ends violently in dallas. a man is in critical condition after being shot outside at&t stadium. this happened after yesterday's game between new england and dallas. the suspected shooter was captured after falling while running away. it is 6:15. actor randy quaid will be in court today after being arrested while trying to cross the border from canada into the u.s. quaid and his wife are being held in vermont on several felony california. the two filed for refugee status in canada five years ago after being arrested for living in a guest home on a property they used to own. quaid was arrested friday night crossing into vermont. he was supposed to extradited from canada to california later this week. time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside our studios on the
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upper west side and a nice columbus day it is. >> it is. if you're just about to head out this morning, it's a little on the cool side. a little breeze out of the west. we're looking at what's going to be temperatures 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. here's a look outside, we're going to have a sunrise. here's lower manhattan. we're looking at temperatures starting out 57 degrees, warmer than normal. humidity is dry. all this points to a beautiful day. yesterday's high was 69. normal is 65. today we're at 75. 10 degrees warmer than normal. sun's up 7:04. a gorgeous sunrise and a beautiful sunset. a perfect day today, not only a perfect parade day. looks and feels like spring today. we're back to fall weather as we get towards wednesday. tomorrow temperatures are in the 70s with a conditions of a shower -- with a chance of a shower. 43 up the hudson river valley,
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putnam county, 52, 47 white plains, rocklin county. today we've got the southwest or westerly wind. that's warm, that's dry. that makes for great weather. down south is one system and up to our northwest for a north and west up around the great lakes there's two systems that are going to come together for tomorrow. the low comes up the coast, it's kind of out in the atlantic, and might throw a shower over eastern long island or the jersey shore and a front to our west. that comes through tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, and comes through virtually with just a sprinkle or a shower. we're looking at sunny and pleasant, 75. tonight we're looking at clear to partly cloudy skies for a while. overnight there might be a sprinkle or shower. that would be eastern long island, jersey shore. great baseball weather tonight. make sure you've got your mets gear on. tomorrow it's 74 with just a chance of a shower. the front moves through tomorrow night and then you'll see we've got breezy and cool weather. 6 on wednesday, 64 on thursday, some showers possible on friday.
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we're looking at a beautiful day on this columbus day. columbus sailed on three ships. >> you know the song. >> i know the song. >> we sing it all day. the nina pineda, the santa maria. >> thank you bill. >> that's actually an old joke, right? the nina pineda yes it is. >> i want to tell you what's happening at the throgs neck bridge if that's the bridge you usually take you have an accident being cleared away. you may want to head to the whitestone bridged in. we also have the l.i.e. west at 108th street. an accident still being cleared away. delays coming into the kew gardens interchange. as a result some pretty heavy delays. hue kari, brooklyn battery tunnel. there's a stall going inbound. subway status e and f trains, 1 train signal problems at south
6:18 am
ferry. r trains signal problems at prospect avenue. long island railroad, new jersey transit doing okay, and you heard shannon sohn say new jersey turnpike southbound western spur getting into exit 16w that overturned vehicle. street cleaning rules are suspended. lori and shirleen, over to you. >> thank you heather. it is 6:18, and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, travel trouble. if you have a flight on southwest airlines today at newark or laguardia you want to give yourself extra time. >> and the giants escape with a win in the final seconds, but
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on the money this morning, wall street starts the day higher following its best week of the year. dow jones will open at 17084. the nasdaq begins at 4830. overseas china's shanghai
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hong kong's hang seng jumped 1%. southwest airlines travelers may see more problems this morning at the kick counter. a technical glitch delayed hundreds of flights leading to long lines from los angeles to nashville. southwest was forced to process customers manually by issuing handwritten tickets. the airline is asking travelers to arrive at least two hours before their departures. jersey city could soon embrace high-tech ways to help tourists find a place to stay. according to the new york times and mayor stephen fulop is introducing legislation to use services like airbnb and home away. the bill would require users to be charged a 6% hospitality tax, the same one currently in place at the city's hotels. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with that accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look at what's going on outside.
6:23 am
clear skies, going to a high today of 75. temperatures are very comfy. you taking the ferry into the city for the parade or you've got to make the commute to work, a little southwest wind that will push you right into manhattan and back and forth across long island, port jeff looking good with sunshine headed your way today and a noontime temperature of 70. warms up really quick from 7 to noontime, it warms up 13 degrees and 75 this afternoon. picture perfect parade of weather. hope you have a great columbus day today. heather's looking at your commute. nice to have you back. >> unfortunately we have an accident at the throgs neck bridge we have news copter 7 up above. shannon sohn showing us all the activity here. this is the throgs neck bridge as you leave queens going into the bronx. at this point there really was only the center lane getting by. we see emergency activity leaving the span. you are going to find closures in both directions. this direction is going into the bronx.
6:24 am
and this way is heading into queens where you're going to find the right lane closed down. hop over to the whitestone bridge if you can. let's go over to our maps now. i can tell you we still have a problem on the l.i.e. west at 108th street. that's an accident being cleared away and going to the hue care -- the metered rules are in effect. shirleen and lori over to you. thank you. you can call them the first place giants this morning. >> oh yeah, eli manning completed a career high 41 passes against san francisco last night at metlife stadium in the giants 37-27 win. the game winning touchdown against the 49ers. the giants are back in action a week from tonight in philly. the news is very unsettling for a member of the giants who is battling mrsa, daniel fells
6:25 am
may lose one of his feet to the infection. he's been in an intensive care unit since friday. we also learned that fells has already undergovernor five surgeries and is facing more as -- . the houston astros had a presidential presence at their first home playoff in ten years. george h. w. bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch yesterday before houston played kansas city. mr. bush is recovering from a broken vertebrae, but in his neck but he is a long standing astros fan and he came out to support. >> he's looking pretty good. >> it's nice to see him out. >> absolutely. >> closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, chaos outside a nightclub. one woman shot dead and two others injured, we're getting new information about what witnesses saw and heard when shots rang out. and new from overnight, fire inside an apartment on staten island leaves one man dead.
6:26 am
what investigators think may have sparked it. >> and tension boiling over for game 3 of the nlds between the mets and the dodgers after this violent collision on the diamond. >> and how will the weather be for the columbus day parade. meteorologist bill evans has
6:27 am
accuweather forecast. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. and we do have breaking news unfolding in manhattan where one woman was killed and two others were hurt when a gunman opened fire outside a nightclub. >> and reporter darla miles just got an update from police. she's live on the scene on 21st street. >> reporter: this is developing kingly here in the flat iron district. was just told by an eyewitness news that these three women happened to be leaving the nightclub when the gunman opened fire. it happened at the motivo nightclub on east 21st between
6:29 am
according to the nypd there was an argument inside of the club. one man was arguing with one of the promoters. he was asked to leave by one of the bouncers. as he was asked to leave, witnesses say he said oh, it's just like that, and so he claimed he was going to go to the car, get his gun and start shooting. we're told by the nypd that the gunman who was wearing a hoodie walked to his black bmw, a newer model, went back to the club and was on foot when he opened fire. that's when those three women were struck. a 24-year-old woman was shot and killed. we have a 30-year-old woman who was shot in the shoulder, and a 25-year-old woman who was shot in the foot and the hip. those women were taken to bellevue hospital. the 30-year-old victim and the 25-year-old victim are both expected to survive. at this point the nypd is going through surveillance video both the club.
6:30 am
down that black newer model bmw. that's the gunman who was last seen going eastbound on east 20th street. reporting live in the flat iron district, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. it is 6:31, you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. let's say good morning to meteorologist bill evans. hello there. >> good morning shirleen, and lori and everybody. thank you for joining us. we're looking at sunrise from our camera here in the park, 57 degrees here at 6:32. let's go, rise and shine. let's get it going. it's 57 around white plains. in white plains it's around 47 to 57 around whitestone queens. bridgeport. cool and crisp this morning, grab a jacket but by afternoon it's 75 degrees. 10 degrees warmer than normal this time of the year. weather. great weather on this columbus day. o'rourke. heather.
6:31 am
throgs neck bridge, an accident reported as bronx bound. we have news copter 7 up above. shannon sohn has more details about this accident. what's going on? >> reporter: this one got a little complicated. left side of your screen, that is the bronx bound side at the throgs neck bridge. you can see three cars involved in the incident there. it appears minor and major, but that left lane is blocked off with the accident. now if you look across the divider, you see yet another accident, this one involving a tbta police car and another vehicle. you can see that vehicle hit the cop car so hard that it pushed it up on to the barrier. the only guess we could make is it may be this police car is responding to the accident and got hit. now you have accidents on both sides of the bridge and delays all the way across the span if you head into the bronx heading into queens. these delays almost go back to the new england thruway. heather you've said it taking over the whitestone bridge that is clean and green at the moment. heather back to you. >> what a messy monday morning. >> let's go to our maps. i can tell you if you are in
6:32 am
is part of your plan, westbound right near 108th street, we had an earlier accident that has been cleared. the hugh carey brooklyn battery tunnel. ef and m trains signal problems at 23rd street. we have long island railroad, metro north, new jersey transit doing okay. our street cleaning rules are suspended but the metered rules are in effect. thank you. it is the slide seen around the world. during game 2 of the mlds the dodgers chase utley tackling mets shortstop ruben tejada breaking his leg and leading los angeles to a win. >> after much debate, the mlb ruled that slide was illegal. now both teams will take the field tonight down one player. in the words of the great yogi berra it ain't over until it's over. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live at citi field
6:33 am
to explain. kala. >> reporter: yes, the buzz for tonight's game, mets versus dodgers here at citi field is pretty big, one because it's citi field's first post season game in its seven-year history, and then, oh, yeah there's that thing happened in l. a. over the weekend. it is all over twitter this morning, lots of hashtags on there to see the dodgers chase utley became public enemy number one for mets fans when he slammed into tejada as he slid into 2nd base. the hit broke tejada's right leg and led to a two-game suspension for utley. that means he would miss both tonight's and tomorrow night's game. utley is appealing the suspension considering the umpire called it a legal play. but major league baseball is expected to make that ruling in time for tonight's game. utley says he had no intent to hurt tejada. mets manager terry collins says that doesn't matter.
6:34 am
plays and everything else. it was late. it was a late slide where he hit ruben on the field, certainly was something that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: the mets released a statement and not surprisingly they support utley's suspension calling it the appropriate course of action. dodgers manager don mattingly says utley reached out to tejada to try to apologize. it should be a very loud citi field, and my hashtag hashtag go mets. we're live outside citi field,. >> that's a good hashtag i'd say. as soon as the decision comes down from the mlb about chase utley we will alert you on our news app and facebook and twitter. follow sports anchors rob powers and laura behnke for continuing coverage as the mets and dodgers series heads to new york tonight. now to a developing story on staten island.
6:35 am
person killed in an apartment fire on staten island. investigators say 37-year-old caleb wilder of delaware died and four other people were hurt in the fire at mariner's harbor. the fire broke out before midnight on the second floor of a building. the four people who were hurt are expected to be okay. investigators say the fire may have been caused by candles. 6:37. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans. >> hey, we take a look outside at the sunrise. here we go, this is on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge. a pretty morning here. it's going to be a nice sunrise, hardly a cloud in the sky and a pretty day is going to unfold and a warm one, too. here's our camera this morning as we take a look from our roof camera over to the east side. there are the plains taking off this -- planes taking off this morning at laguardia. the temperature this morning up 57 degrees to start your day. we're looking at a temperature that's 6 degrees warmer than normal, clear skies back down
6:36 am
banks of north carolina to a cold front up around minneapolis st. paul. those two things come to us tomorrow. for today by noontime, parade time, 70 degrees. by afternoon 75. absolutely gorgeous. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. it's so nice to see you back with us. >> it's so good to be back. unfortunately i have bad news let's go right up to news copter 7 and shannon sohn is showing us these pictures. traffic coming towards you, that's traffic going into the bronx. we have a three-car accident on the right side of the roadway. however, as you look right on the right side of your screen, that's traffic going into queens. that's an accident involving the police vehicle, so we do have that car that smashed into the police vehicle, left lane, two left lanes closed down. only the right lane squeezing by. so what a he has we have at the throgs neck bridge. you can see traffic is bumper- to-bumper as a result of that accident. we have alternate side of the
6:37 am
street parking rules suspended for today, but the metered rules are in effect. thank you. more trouble at rikers island. the alarming discovery that has one guard facing charges. >> my baby sister is in such critical condition, please come forward. >> a new jersey family pleading for help to find whoever is responsible for a hit and run crash that has a college student fighting for her life.
6:38 am
6:39 am
an nypd cruiser involved in an accident. >> what a mess here. there was originally an accident on the left side of the screen. that was a minor three-car accident heading into the bronx. on the other side of the roadway, queens bound we had a major accident involving a tbta police car. they pulled him off the guardrail. look at the back end damage to that vehicle that civilian vehicle who hit him has similar damage on the front end of the vehicle. only the right lane gets through as you head in to queens and this is a mess in
6:40 am
either direction taking it over to the whitestone bridge gets you around this without a problem. shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you shannon. new this morning, buildings inspectors are on the scene after an out of control taxi driver slammed into scaffolding on 5th avenue. it happened just before 2:00 this morning in midtown. the driver was not hurt. the building's department will take a look at the scaffolding and see if it suffered any serious damage. the cause of the crash is under investigation. in new jersey police are investigating a hit and run after a woman was found badly hurt on the side of the road. 22-year-old anna semioli was found in critical condition along route 46 in clifton late thursday night. the family says the last they heard from her was earlier on thursday when she called to say she was visiting friends at her school in montclair state university. none of her friends say they
6:41 am
>> that strikes me as something is wrong. my baby sister is in such critical condition, please come forward. >> friends say police received nearly a dozen callers who saw the 22-year-old on the side of the road. no one saw her get hit. if you have any information about this case, you can call the clifton police dispatch center. 6:44, and new this morning, an investigation is underway after a scary moment for passengers in las vegas when their plane's engine burst into flames. dozens of passengers evacuated the plane on to the tarmac yesterday afternoon at mccarron international airport. the allegiant air flight was headed to fresno when the crew reported a mechanical issue when the plane stopped, one of the engines caught fire. the passengers and crew were evacuated safely. 6:44. good morning america is coming up. robin roberts standing by live in time square. >> i know it's a busy morning for you.
6:42 am
same here, breaking news on the american reporter being held in iran for more than a year on spying charges. we're tracking that story this morning. >> water spout traveling on shore, heavy winds knocking over an 18-wheeler this morning. we're going to hear from the driver of that truck. you'll see it here on gma lori. >> have a good busy day. >> it is 6:45, and it's time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> let's go outside with meteorologist bill evans. bill. >> good morning ladies, good morning everyone. happy columbus day to you. happy monday. here we go. it's cool, it's crisp outside this morning. there's a lot of activity out here on this day, which is a holiday. if you're headed out this morning, grab a jacket or sweater. later on today you may not need that. here's our sunrise in progress. sun's officially up just after 7:00. 57 degrees right now, a dry humidity. a west wind, a rising
6:43 am
a great day. normal high is 65. yesterday what a perfect day that was. great fall day, 69 degrees, and the sun's officially up, we are looking at a perfect parade day. it feels like spring, maybe a shower tomorrow but still very mild. in the fall weather's going to return on wednesday as we head to the end of the week. 41 around hopatcong. 37 towards morristown and hackettstown, 50, 52 degrees. cool this morning, temperatures are above normal for this hour of the day. so we are looking at some west winds today, high pressure giving us a beautiful day all across the northeast and new england. there's a low along the coast, there's a -- you see this in our futurecast. there's that front to our west. that slides through the day tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, with maybe a sprinkle or shower but shouldn't pose any threat to washing out any outdoor activities.
6:44 am
the temperatures are still mild tomorrow. we're at 75 today, we're at 75 tomorrow, and there comes the front going to dry things out. we're looking at sunshine, a pleasant day today, 75 tonight, we've got some clouds, a great night. go to citi field for baseball. a wonderful evening, wear your mets gear, your mets jacket. tomorrow it's 74 with a conditions of a shower in the afternoon tomorrow. we're talking about sprinkles, brief showers, and it's cooler on wednesday and thursday, and it gets kind of down right chilly for saturday and sunday. keep an eye on that for you. all right. hope you have a great columbus day. get out and have fun, will be a lot of sunshine. very nice day today. >> you enjoy too bill. >> thank you bill. >> let's send it over to heather o'rourke with the traffic report. >> that mess that we have at the throgs neck bridge. news copter 7 up above. shannon sohn showing us the pictures of this accident. not only do we have one accident, we have two accidents. this is the original accident heading into the bronx. you can still see that we have the right lane closed down. police are on the scene.
6:45 am
is the accident going over into queens. there was a vehicle right over here. it struck this police vehicle here which is already put on to flatbed tow thankfully. we have two lanes closed down. the right lane is open and this is going into queens. what you can do is go over to the whitestone bridge. let's go over to a webcam and i'll show you how the whitestone bridge is looking at this time. we have traffic going into queens without any major problems. you're doing pretty well as you make your way into the tolls. this is your delay as you make your way into the bronx. a little heavier on the bronx bound side, but this is definitely the way to go. you want to avoid that throgs neck bridge if you can. we're also taking a look and seeing what's going on as you travel on to the l.i.e. that earlier accident cleared away, and then this is route 80 as you make your way into exit 52, not doing too badly at this point. just little bit of an exiting delay there. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended for
6:46 am
6:47 am
and the watch abc app beginning at noon. >> so nice. i can't wait to tune in for sure. >> 6:49. coming up, a bizarre and deadly accident in new jersey when a lawn mower bursts into flames. >> and a young girl still years away from getting a driver's
6:48 am
6:49 am
tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. police in new jersey are investigating the death of a
6:50 am
his lawn mower went up in flames. this happened yesterday afternoon in springfield township. 79-year-old roger lippicott was riding on the lawn mower when it caught fire. investigators say lipincott who was a firefighter tried to put the fire out before he was killed. 6:52, a sixth grader is being called a hero after taking the wheel during a medical emergency. it happened saturday afternoon while katie and her mom took a road trip from missouri to nebraska. they were on a busy highway when katie's mom started having a seizure behind the wheel. that's when the 11-year-old jumped into action. >> i had to crawl over like and this i had to sit on her lap. i had to take her foot off the gas pedal and i had to steer it into the grass. >> wow. >> wow indeed. once the suv was safely stopped, katie flagged down two
6:51 am
one of whom happened to be a nurse. doctors are still trying to figure out what triggered her mother's seizure, but her father says this is a good lesson to be prepared for any emergency situations. >> mm-hmm. breaking news this morning in manhattan. >> yeah, three women shot, one
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
dead, two others hurt after someone opened fire outside a manhattan nightclub. >> eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in the flat iron district. >> the shooting happened around 4:00 this morning just as the nightclub here on east 21st street in 5th avenue and broadway. according to the nypd there was a minor argument inside and that the suspect was asked to leave. they say the suspect then threatened to walk to his car, get his gun and start shooting and they say that's exactly what he did. a 24-year-old woman was killed. a 30-year-old woman and a 25- year-old woman was also struck. >> nothing to do with the fight, that's why i'm very sad. they was ready to live. they went outside, and they turned around and they got the shot. >> reporter: now those two
6:55 am
other women who were struck by gunfire, they were taken to bellevue hospital. they are expected to survive. the 24-year-old woman, her name has not been released. at this point the nypd is looking for that shooter who was last seen on east 20th street going eastbound in a new her model black bmw with four doors. reporting live in the flat iron district, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and breaking news on the throgs neck bridge, an accident involving a police cruiser is leading to huge delays. let's check in with shannon sohn. shannon. >> shirleen, there's a little bit of light at the end of the bridge here. we've got activity on the police cruiser on the right side of the picture, that has been moved out of the way. they have tow trucks in place. the accident on the queens bound side of the bridge has cleared up completely.
6:56 am
as we wait for the leave last of these to clear up. >> thank you. >> sorry i'm just -- throgs neck bridge. >> right, exactly. >> let's just blame the accident on the throgs neck bridge. >> we'll go over to a webcam or two. here's the whitestone bridge going into the bronx and the whitestone bridge going into queens. there are delays there, but it's a much better ride than that throgs neck bridge accident shannon was just showing us. >> now bill. >> now it's your turn. forgive me. >> let's take a look outside shall we. it's a pretty morning, a gorgeous sunrise. sun is up in 3 minutes from rig knew. 57 degrees. that's going to be your 7:00 temperature and it's going to be 70 by noontime. 75 this afternoon, 10 degrees warmer than normal, absolutely gorgeous. perfect parade weather. a shower or two tomorrow, not a big deal. still 74. then we cool down for wednesday and thursday and we're really cooling down for the weekend. >> there you go.
6:57 am
>> have a great columbus day. >> that is the news for now, i'm shirley acevedo. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning america is up good morning, america. right now, big decision. the vice president dodges crowds and questions. >> get out of >> get out of >> closing in on whether to run for president. as hillary clinton and her rivals get ready for tomorrow's first major showdown. also overnight. suspended. major league baseball strikes back. coming down hard on the dodgers' chase utley. >> chase utley going in hard at second. tejada is down. >> banning him two game for barrelling into mets' shot sport ruben tejada and breaking his leg.
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